The Stigma Of Child Pornography Investigations And Charges

Just being investigated for a sex crime, especially those charges stemming from child pornography allegations, can create an immediate stigma for you and your family. Even though you may not have been charged yet and convicted, there is an unfair social stigma that you are already guilty of a crime you have yet to be tried for. Child pornography charges are some of the most damaging sex crimes charges a person can face. The potential implications go far beyond just jail time.

Do not talk to investigators without an attorney. Get a seasoned sex crimes defense lawyer immediately. The sooner you have proper legal defense at your side, the better it is for the long run of your case. Having been defending clients in the Williamsport and central Pennsylvania, area for over 25 years, our office has the track record you are looking for. With both state and federal criminal defense experience, we are seasoned attorneys ready to tackle your child pornography case.

Long Running Impact Of A Child Porn Conviction

Child pornography charges can include possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, possession with intent to sell or distribute, production of child pornography and more. Other sex crimes charges can be added to these child porn charges. There are very serious potential prison time when it comes to child pornography convictions and therefore, should not be wakens lightly.

There is also the potential of being on the sex offender registry for life. Among other things, this means wherever you went, it would be public knowledge that you are a registered sex offender. This seriously hampers the ability to get a job, further one's career not to mention the ongoing humiliation and social stigma.

You should speak to an attorney who can immediately start strategizing your defense.

Get Serious Defense Counsel Immediately

Now is not the time to hesitate or wait to get defense counsel. Child pornography charges carry with them the potential for a lifetime of humiliation and very hefty jail time. You can reach our law firm by calling 570-279-4191 or toll free at 888-290-8073. You can also reach us online to schedule an appointment.