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TV show host charged with DUI

by | Mar 2, 2018 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Pennsylvania fans of talk show host Steve Wilkos may be interested in learning the latest regarding the automobile crash that prompted a break in scheduled production of his Connecticut based show last month. After initially claiming to have been driving without prescribed eyeglasses, Wilkos has admitted to driving under the influence at the time of the incident.

The popular host lost control of his vehicle on in a residential area of Dorian, CT, on January 21, 2018. After hitting multiple poles and a tree, the Wilkos vehicle flipped before coming to rest. There were no other vehicles or people involved in the collision. After being transported to a nearby hospital, Wilkos provided blood samples for police that allegedly revealed a blood alcohol level of .29, which is substantially above the legal limit for driving in Connecticut.

After receiving lab reports, police charged Wilkos with Driving Under the Influence and issued an arrest warrant. The 53-year-old host turned himself in and posted a $1500 bond. Wilkos released a statement in which he admitted to drinking and driving after a bout of depression and expressing gratitude for not having caused physical injuries to anyone but himself in the incident. According to his statement, he has battled depression for years and is undergoing medically supervised treatment for depression and alcohol use.

DUI convictions carry serious consequences including jail time, loss of driving privileges, substantial fines, and performance of community service. Like any other conviction, DUI’s will show up on background checks and can affect employment, residential, and educational opportunities. Before charging anyone with DUI, authorities must follow strict procedures for traffic stops, sobriety tests, and collection of chemical samples. Failing to comply with protocol can result in dismissal of DUI cases. Consulting with a qualified criminal defense lawyer can help someone accused of an offense identify appropriate legal strategies and available defenses.