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Two men arrested for allegedly selling drugs to undercover cops

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Drug Violations |

Two men were recently arrested by undercover officers from the Lycoming County Narcotics Enforcement Unit and charged with numerous drug violations. The two incidents are apparently not related, but both involve similar sets of facts.

In the first incident, an undercover officer was sitting in his car outside at a convenience store at Turkey Hill. The suspect approached the car and knocked on the front passenger window. The officer allowed the suspect to enter his car, where he gave the man $100 in exchange for .77 grams of crack cocaine. The suspect was then arrested.

In the second incident, an undercover officer arranged to meet with the suspect also at Turkey Hill. The two men had arranged their meeting by telephone. The officer and the suspect entered a nearby store where the officer gave the man $100 for ten bags of suspected heroin. The two men had a second meeting on June 12 at the Family Dollar Store. A similar scenario ensued in which the officer paid the suspect $100 for ten bags supposedly filled with heroin. The two suspects have been charged with several counts of manufacturing, delivering or possession with intent to deliver. Both men are in Lycoming County Prison as they await preliminary hearings. The court has imposed a Nebbia Hold on their bail security, which means that all funds used to satisfy the bail must come from a verifiable legitimate source.

The two men face serious criminal charges. If they should be convicted, they could face a sizeable fine and a significant period of incarceration. Anyone facing similar charges may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for an evaluation of the prosecution’s evidence and an estimate of negotiating a favorable plea bargain.