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Drugs are categorized into different schedules

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Drug Violations |

There are many different drugs that people take each day in Pennsylvania. Many of these drugs are taken due to injuries or illnesses and they are prescribed by doctors to treat the medical condition. When people take prescribed drugs, it is helpful and legal. However, many people take drugs that are not prescribed by doctors. When people use these drugs it is illegal and people could face serious consequences if they are convicted of the drug violation.

The consequences they may face depend on a number of factors such as the type of drug they possess, the amount they possess, if they have prior convictions and other factors. Drugs are categorized into five schedules, I – V, with schedule I being the most dangerous and having the most serious consequences.

Drugs in Schedule I include drugs with no medical purpose, have a high probability for abuse and there is a lack of accepted safe use even under medical supervision. Schedule II includes drugs with a high likelihood for abuse that can lead to dependence, but there is accepted medical use for the drug. Schedule III drugs are those with a lesser likelihood for abuse, have accepted medical uses and have a moderate likelihood for dependence. Schedule IV contains drugs with a lower likelihood for abuse, accepted medical uses and a low likelihood for dependence. Finally, Schedule V contains drugs with a low likelihood for abuse, accepted medical uses and a lower likelihood for dependence compared to Schedule IV.

There are many people in Pennsylvania who are caught possessing or selling drugs contained in the five schedules stated above. People who are charged with possession are not automatically guilty of the crime, though. There could be defenses available starting with whether the police had a valid reason to stop and search the person. Experienced attorneys understand people’s rights and may be able to help defend them.