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Drug violations in Pennsylvania: Exploring defense options

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Drug Violations |

Those charged with drug violations in the state of Pennsylvania face the possibility of severe consequences if a conviction occurs. To most, it feels as if these charges are impossible to overcome. However, by partnering with an experienced defense lawyer, you can create a sound legal strategy that may help you avoid jail and other penalties.

While there are many different defense strategies you can choose from, it is critical to ensure that the one you select matches the details of your case. For example, say that you are alone in your car, and the police pull you over. During a search, they find a bag of marijuana in your pants pocket and arrest you for drug possession. Since you are alone, claiming that the drugs do not belong to you may not be the best strategy.

To find the right defense for your arrest on drug violations, it is a good idea to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. This gives you immediate access to an advocate who can protect your civil rights, and it also provides you with someone who knows the law.

Together you can explore your defense options and select the one with the best chance of success. Examples of effective defenses against drug possession charges include the following.

  • Illegal search and seizure on the part of police officers
  • Entrapment by law enforcement agencies (under certain circumstances)
  • Proving the substance was not drugs through crime lab analysis
  • Chain of evidence issues such as prosecutors losing the alleged drugs

While an arrest centered on drug violations is always a serious matter, you do not have to give up and accept your fate. Defending yourself against any criminal charge is your right under the nation’s Constitution. Talk with a legal professional for specific details about these and other drug defenses.