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Each of our lawyers brings unique skills and experience to the firm. Common characteristics amongst them, however, include a meticulous approach to detail and a dedication to preparation for each case. We also share a passion for our profession and a commitment to our clients.

Each of the firm's attorneys regularly litigates in state and federal courts across Pennsylvania. With extensive legal knowledge and practical experience, we are confident that we can help resolve your most complicated issues while staying focused on your goals.

When you select our firm to represent you, you always have direct access to our attorneys. We make sure you understand all of your legal options, we involve you in the decision-making process, and we keep you updated at every step of your case.

We zealously defend our clients and protect their rights at every stage of the criminal process. When it is in a client's best interest, we use our experience and knowledge of the law to negotiate reduced charges in criminal cases. However, we are always prepared to argue a case in court and fight for you when a pretrial agreement does not make sense.

If you have questions for a Williamsport criminal defense attorney, call us locally at 570-279-4191 or toll free at 888-290-8073, or email us to schedule a meeting.