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Federal Criminal Charges And Their Consequences

If you have been charged with a federal crime in Pennsylvania, or if you are being investigated for a federal criminal charge, you need representation from a lawyer who has experience in the federal court system. Whether you face charges of drug trafficking, firearms charges, child pornography or any other federal charge, the law firm of Miele & Rymsza, P.C., has the experience and knowledge to build an aggressive defense.

Federal court rules and procedures differ significantly from state or local courts. The foundation of a strong defense against federal prosecutors is representation from a lawyer who knows how to navigate through the system and who has a thorough knowledge of federal sentencing guidelines.

How Are Federal Charges Different Than State Charges?

Most federal offenses are more serious than crimes that are covered under state law. Federal crimes typically involve offenses that occur on federal property, crimes where the government is the intended target or crimes that are unlawful under federal law.

An individual who is convicted of federal crimes faces mandatory penalties under federal sentencing guidelines. Most penalties for federal offenses are extremely harsh, including long prison terms, heavy fines, sex offender registration and much more.

Tougher sentencing laws have resulted in increased prosecutorial power in federal cases. This makes it more important than ever to have a lawyer who understands when it is in your best interest to accept a plea bargain and when it is wise not to.

Even if you are only under investigation for a federal crime, you need to hire an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. The investigation phase is crucial for the defendant — the statements you make to law enforcement officers at that point could impact the outcome of the case.

Federal Conspiracy Charges: Getting Caught In The Prosecutor’s Net

A tactic frequently used by federal prosecutors is to indict or arrest individuals on conspiracy charges. A conspiracy occurs when two or more individuals agree to commit a federal crime and (in most cases) take an action to further the commission of the crime. These individuals do not have to be successful in committing the crime, meet or communicate directly, or have a written agreement related to the conspiracy.

Conspiracy charges are often used in drug trafficking cases. A person with a minor role in the conspiracy can be held accountable for the full amount of drugs seized, and face the mandatory minimum sentence for all the drugs involved in the conspiracy. Individuals charged with various types of fraud (mail fraud, wire fraud, etc.) and robbery can also face conspiracy charges.

Our office has experience battling conspiracy charges at the federal level and will aggressively defend your rights if you are dealing with this situation.

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