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Impaired driver leaves crash scene as fire destroys truck

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Drunk Driving Charges |

A Pennsylvania man is facing DUI, reckless driving and other charges after he left the scene of an accident on Nov. 5. According to media sources, firefighters responded to a truck fire at the intersection of Walnut Bend Road and Grandview Road in Cornplanter Township shortly after 5:45 a.m. The driver of the burning vehicle was not at the scene when responders arrived.

At approximately the same time, sources say that a second call was received by emergency personnel in connection with the incident. A county resident contacted Venango County 911 to report that an unidentified male had knocked on his door, requested the use of his phone to arrange a ride and fallen asleep in a chair that was located on the side porch of his home. The caller told authorities that the man appeared to be intoxicated. The allegedly impaired man was later identified as the driver of the burned truck.

Pennsylvania State Police told news sources that the truck was totally destroyed in the blaze. The driver, a resident of Pleasantville, was under court supervision in Crawford County in connection with an unrelated criminal case at the time that the truck accident occurred.

Pennsylvania residents that want to mitigate or possibly even eliminate the life-impacting effects of drunk driving charges may find it beneficial to bring their cases to a criminal defense attorney for evaluation. In some situations, a lawyer may be able to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Inconsistencies in the evidence could lead to the eventual reduction or dismissal of the charges. In the event that a case does proceed to trial, the attorney could work to achieve the best possible result on behalf of his or her client.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh, “Man Charged With DUI After Leaving Scene Of Truck Crash, Fire“, 11/05/2017