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October 2018 Archives

Effects of white collar crime on society

A person who has been convicted of a white collar crime in Pennsylvania may be facing time in federal prison depending on the nature of the crime. White collar crime differs from street crimes like drug distribution and robbery although there is some disagreement among criminologists about how to classify and define white collar crime.

NTSB pushes for efforts to combat drug-impaired driving

Medical marijuana has been legalized in many states, including Pennsylvania. The penalties for driving under the influence remain the same. However, federal traffic safety officials have called for the government to do more to control the problem of driving while impaired by drugs.

How to get a conviction reversed

People in Pennsylvania who have been convicted of a crime or who have pled guilty to a crime may file an appeal to have their guilty verdict or plea reversed. Appeals are most the common legal mechanism with which to gain a conviction reversal. Writs may also be used. However, the factors of every case are different as are the laws in the various jurisdictions that pertain to reversing a conviction.

Common types of phishing attacks

Depending on the specific circumstances, someone who engages in phishing may be subject to criminal charges. Nevertheless, many criminals use these fraudulent scams to deceive people throughout Pennsylvania and the rest of America. There are many different types of phishing scams that potential victims should be aware of.

Even a professional athlete is not immune from DUI charges

Regular folks tend to believe there appears to be a double standard when it comes to famous people and law enforcement. It's not enough that celebrities and Pennsylvania professional athletes have significant financial resources to handle anything that comes along, but they also seem to receive the benefit of the doubt and perhaps even preferential treatment by star-struck police officers. The truth, however, may be somewhat different.

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