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How having a good lawyer improves your chances of freedom

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

Lawyers represent those facing criminal charges. This includes any time actions hurt another party. That includes physical injuries, like armed assault, property damage or other charges.

The primary goal of a lawyer should be to help their client seek a favorable outcome. With the right lawyer, they will help improve their client’s chances of avoiding prison and getting a fair outcome.

Current incarceration rates in PA

Currently, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is trying to reduce the number of people in their prisons and make them a better representation of the population. Since the current Secretary of Corrections has taken over, he has released over 13,000 people from the system, almost three-quarters of which have been people of color.

However, the PA corrections system continues to house 50 percent African American people, which is an overrepresentation and indicates that people of color are still more likely to face incarceration, especially if they do not have a good lawyer.

Roles of a lawyer

Lawyers represent clients who face criminal charges and can help them avoid becoming prison statistics. They provide advice, investigate claims, gather evidence, negotiate out-of-trial agreements and representation in court.

Understanding out-of-court options

Sometimes, it is possible to resolve a case without going to trial by taking a plea deal. A good lawyer will help negotiate this and can even help keep their clients out of prison.

Anyone who is not familiar with the legal system will find criminal charges confusing and hard to navigate. Hiring a good lawyer can help facilitate a fair outcome, despite your skin color.