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Important facts about motorcycles and alcohol

by | Dec 24, 2017 | Uncategorized |

It is common to bar-hop or get drinks while at a rider festival, but riding a motorcycle after drinking alcohol is a dangerous act. Operating a motorcycle while under the influence can result in serious damage to your ride and serious injury or even death for you or others. 

You may be wondering about the consequences of motorcycling while drunk and how to avoid it. Read below for some sobering statistics and how you can stop yourself from getting on your bike after drinking. 

Important findings

Here are some interesting statistics relating to alcohol use and motorcyclists according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • Motorcyclists who are in deadly crashes have a higher rate of alcohol impairment than drivers of other vehicles.
  • Motorcyclists who die in accidents at night are four times more likely to be alcohol-impaired than motorcyclists who die during the day.
  • Forty percent of motorcyclists who died in accidents involving a single vehicle were drunk.

These details are scary and should make any motorcycle rider think twice before riding after drinking.

Subculture problems

Being a motorcyclist often means enjoying the company of other motorcycle enthusiasts. While certainly not every group of motorcyclists is into partying, it is a common theme among many bikers. Drinking and riding motorcycles is a concerning trend. Some riders even think that getting a little drunk makes hopping on their motorcycles feel better.

How to avoid drinking and biking

If you consume alcohol and get on your bike, you could end up with a DUI charge or serious accident. To prevent these things from happening, you should arrange alternate transportation, whether it is a designated driver, taxi, ridesharing app or public transportation. If the police stop you, make sure you are polite and compliant. 

While you may think it is no big deal to get on your bike after drinking, it can put you behind bars with a lot of regret. If you end up in this situation, contact a criminal defense attorney.