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Child Pornography Charges Require Immediate Legal Representation

Child pornography allegations can create an immediate and extreme challenge for you and your family. Even before you are charged and convicted, there is an unfair social stigma that presumes you are already guilty of a crime you have yet to be tried for. Child pornography charges are some of the most damaging sex crimes charges a person can face. The potential implications go far beyond just jail time.

Never speak to investigators without an attorney. Get a seasoned defense lawyer who focuses on sex crimes immediately. The sooner you have proper legal defense at your side, the better it is for your case. With both state and federal criminal defense experience, Edward J. Rymsza, is ready to and able to tackle your child pornography case.

The Lingering Damage Of Child Pornography Convictions

Child pornography charges can include possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, possession with intent to sell or distribute, production of child pornography and more. Other sex offenses can be added to the child porn charges. The potential of prison time is significant, and your defense cannot be taken lightly.

There is also the potential of being on the sex offender registry for life. The registry is public information and can seriously hamper your ability to get a job or advance your career, not to mention the ongoing humiliation and social stigma.

Our lawyer understands how prosecutors approach child pornography cases and can help you develop defense strategies with the greatest chance of an optimal outcome.

Do Not Hesitate — Contact Our Firm Today

Even if an investigation has not been launched, if you have been accused of an association with child pornography, do not wait to get defense counsel. You can reach out to Miele & Rymsza, P.C., by calling 570-279-4191 or using our online contact form to schedule a free initial appointment. Our office is in Williamsport, and we represent clients throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

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